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World Day of Knitting in public / Knit in public day

Knit in public today for some reason is considered indecent. And very few people looking at this process as a form of protest against the consumer goods, against the mass production is often faceless things.
Especially the massive interest in knitting has become in the U.S.. Modern American women knit in the subway cars, coffee shops, bookstores, and during lunch breaks.
In the U.S. there are whole knitting cafes, where young ladies for the favorite pastime with her friends spend a day!
Most of the knitting enthusiasts believe that the main thing - it is its therapeutic effect and the ability to communicate with friends who share this hobby.
Responding to the interest in knitting, well-known companies started to offer their services especially for knitters.
The railway company also organizes special Amtrak train for Knitting. Passengers are offered the session to share experiences with an experienced knitter and learning new knitting charts in the company of a fellow member of the craft.
And one of the book stores Barnes and Nobles in New York even hired a live model, and set them to knit in a shop window, promoting knitting and books devoted to this occupation.
In New York a few years ago, even opened a "Club of knitting men." Representatives of the stronger sex come here to drink beer, watch TV and ... a little tie in the warm company.

Even a celebration of World Day of Knitting in public! Around the world this day has been celebrated since 2005 on the second Saturday of June.

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