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Easter Day

This year Easter Day is on 4 April 2010
What happens on Easter Sunday today?
Christians gather together on Easter Sunday for a Sunrise Service. This service takes place on a hill side so everyone can see the sun rise.
Some Christians take part in an Easter vigil, lighting a new fire outside the church early on Sunday morning. The Paschal candle, decorated with studs to celebrate Christ's wounds, may be lit from the fire and carried into the church where it is used to light the candles of the worshippers. The Easter Eucharist is a particularly joyful service. It is a popular time for baptisms and renewal of baptism vows.
Some churches have an Easter Garden. A stone is placed across the mouth of a tomb before Easter, then rolled away on Easter morning.
The traditional Easter gift is a chocolate egg.
The Traditional Egg Gift
The first eggs given at Easter were birds eggs. These eggs were painted in bright colours to give them further meaning as a gift.
As chocolate became more wide spread in the 20th Century, a chocolate version of the traditional painted egg was developed. The size of the chocolate egg has grown over the years and is now more likely to be the size of an ostrich egg rather than a small birds egg[url=http://flashparade.ru/s/flash/pasxa/pasxa_06.htm][img]http://flashparade.ru/s/flash/pasxa/pasxa_06.jpg[/img][/url]

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