пятница, 31 декабря 2010 г.

Happy New Year!

According to east calendar 2011 will be year of the Metal White Rabbit (Cat).
New 2011 of the Rabbit (Cat) will bring many good luck and happiness. The cat always falls on four paws - to it always carries! It the lucky beggar! Love! Here that will be the most important in new year.
The most favorable expects us in affairs family. All know that a cat - a family animal, a symbol of a house cosiness. That's it therefore wait in new year that in a family at you all will be most in the best way and if you only dream to make a family, this year the most suitable to such undertaking!
What to dress in a New Year's eve?
To year there correspond such colours, as white, gold, yellow. Elements - metal in which such characteristic, as shine is inherent.
Give preferences to clothes white, gold (yellow) colours, and as to fabrics with shine. Give each other gold ornaments, they will bring good luck in new year!
What should be present on a celebratory table?
On a celebratory table necessarily there should be apples and millet. It is not necessary to submit on a table any зайчатины or крольчатины not to awake in the Hare of a leaving Tiger! In general, it is better to prefer dishes vegetarian. More than any vegetables, especially greens - an onions, fennel, parsley, salad.
How to decorate the house by a holiday?
At furniture of rooms and a table there should be things from metal: the silver wine-glasses, the horn bordered with metal, ornaments from металлокерамики.
Rabbit - an open sign. This year wait set of a friendly sit-round gathering. Good fruits will give joint trips and pastime. The year which symbol is the Rabbit, has to dialogue, constant communications, negotiations, transactions and meetings. Thus conflicts will be shown to a minimum as the Rabbit - the big diplomat and without effort will agree about all.
New year always marks the beginning of the new period in a life.
Happiness and good luck in New year!

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